Ben Franklin’s Daily Planner is a Productivity Masterpiece

Many people know Benjamin Franklin for deciding to fly a kite in a thunderstorm or the guy on the $100 dollar bill… but did you know Franklin was also a Author, Printer, Inventor, Politician, Comedian, & Scientist? It’s no secret that someone able to excel in so many different fields and skills is a master of productivity. So what was his secret?

A large part of Benjamin Franklin's success was due to his disciplined personality and time management skills which showed throughout his constant quest for self-improvement. This can be clearly seen in the way he attentively planned his days. Ben Franklin's method consisted of tracking his daily routine in an agenda and journaling about his accomplishments and missteps. What made his method even more unique was the particular way in which he laid out his tasks...

Morning Focus

Every morning Benjamin Franklin had a routine to sit down and reflect, practice gratitude, and establish his focus for the day. During this time, Franklin would evaluate his most immediate priorities and then plan how to manage his time in the most effective way. He also valued expressing gratitude and concentrating on what good he could do that day. His morning routine allowed him to start off each day with a positive mindset while mapping out what he still needed to accomplish. By scheduling this into his day everyday, Franklin was constantly setting himself up for success.

Daily Schedule with Notes

“If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail!” Is a famous Benjamin Franklin quote that he undoubtedly lived by himself. Franklin had a very particular way in which he planned out his daily schedule to make the most of every hour of the day. His notebook consisted of two columns, one of a time schedule and the other giving him an area to lay out ideas next to his appointments. Utilizing this blank space to ask questions and make relevant notes next to his plans. By incorporating this extra step into his agenda, he was able to look back with an unbiased opinion and a more vivid picture of what happened and what still needs to be done.


Evening Reflection

Every night Franklin would reflect on his days success and failures in what he called an examination of the day. During this time he think back ask himself “What good have I done today?”.  By carving out time solely to reflect on the day's highlights and small victories he was able to feel a sense of accomplishment for what he had completed. This time was also essential to see small errors or incomplete tasks and focus on what can be improved for a better tomorrow. Overall, this habit also allowed him to process experiences, thoughts, and feelings leaving him with a clear mind. When you end the day with a clear mind you are able to get a quality nights sleep and the opportunity to set yourself up for even more success tomorrow.


It’s Your Turn

Imagine what you could achieve by using the habits of this genius? Franklin’s habits may sound rigorous but they were made to fit his life. By using his method and incorporating it into your schedule, you too will see the benefits of his daily routine. When we created OneBook we were inspired by Benjamin Franklin's method and his ability to thrive in so many diverse fields. That’s why we set up our Daily Agenda page to give you the space to achieve your goals and change your life. In fact, each of the four unique page designs in OneBook are created to empower you to create the most out of every day including morning gratitude, daily agenda, dot grid, and evening reflection. The morning reflection page includes gratitude prompts, inspiration quotes & daily challenges, and a priority focus. So you too can start the day off with a grateful mindset and renewed energy to put your focus exactly where it needs to be. Like Franklin’s evening reflection, using the combination of reflection and preparation, the evening reflection section is set to create a virtuous cycle of progress in your life.

Ben Franklin truly was the epitome of the American Dream. Coming from a humble background with limited resources he used hard work and determination to accomplish so much during his lifetime. This founding father's daily routines and habits set him up to stay humble and excel throughout his life. These genius habits are timeless and something we can all learn from in hopes to get the most out of each day.

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